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Medicare-Medicaid Services Peoria IL

Hospital Insurance (Medicare Part A) helps cover the costs of your inpatient care at hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, or religious non-medical health care establishments. Part A can also help cover hospice and home health care services. Individuals aged 65 and older are usually automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A and do not have to pay a monthly premium if Medicare taxes were paid while working.

Peter J. Couri Jr. DDS
(309) 688-7221
3521 North California Avenue
Peoria, IL
Orthodontics Ltd.
(309) 692-3000
2425 W. Cornerstone Court
Peoria, IL
Associates in Dentistry
(309) 686-4900
4300 N. Brandywine Dr
Peoria, IL
Richard H. McKone DDS
(309) 693-0043
7620 N. University Street
Peoria, IL
Associated Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons
(309) 682-1213
2807 N. Knoxville
Peoria, IL
Dental Arts Laboratory Inc.
(309) 674-8191
216 NE Perry Street
Peoria, IL
Affordable Dentistry Today
(309) 690-6262
3412 W. Willow Knolls Road
Peoria, IL
Willow Knolls Family Dental
(309) 691-9072
7310 N. Villa Lake Drive
Peoria, IL
Smile Design Dental Center
(309) 689-0746
7310 N. Villa Lake Dr
Peoria, IL
George J. Kottemann DDS
(309) 688-7765
3300 North Bigelow
Peoria, IL

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