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Sexual Abuse Recovery Therapy Charlotte NC

Sexual abuse recovery therapy helps survivors of sexual abuse, sexual molestation, incest and sexual exploitation. Methods may include Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, or EMDR, and psychotherapy to help survivors through emotional issues and increase personal wellbeing. See below for more information and to gain access to sexual abuse recovery therapists in Charlotte, NC who provide sexual abuse recovery therapy.

Anuvia Prevention And Recovery Center
100 Billingsley Road
Charlotte, NC
Services Provided
Drug and Alcohol Information/Referral Services, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention, Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services, Drunk Driving Help Programs, Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
Membership Organizations
NCADD Affiliate

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New Beginnings of
(704) 334-6574
1508 Cleveland Avenue
Charlotte, NC
Recovery Program in Charlotte
(704) 332-4387
1427 South Blvd # 106
Charlotte, NC
Carolinas Medical Center
(704) 304-5248
2001 Vail Avenue
Charlotte, NC
McLeod Addictive Disease Center
(704) 332-9001
2605 Youngblood Street
Charlotte, NC
Counseling Center in Charlotte
(704) 375-3784
1117 E Morehead St # 200
Charlotte, NC
Horizons Outpatient Services
(704) 446-0391
1816 Lyndurst Avenue
Charlotte, NC
Dilworth Center for
(704) 372-6969
2240 Park Road
Charlotte, NC
Charlotte Rescue Mission
(704) 334-4635
907 West 1st Street
Charlotte, NC
Morrisville Counseling/Recovery Servs
(704) 799-0008
1409 East Boulevard
Charlotte, NC
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